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Slow down the motion of a fast action is really an amazing viewing experience. Forget about those high speed camera that can run up to 900,000fps which you cost you a fortune. GoPro is a great camera to get the similar effect. The GoPro Hero4 Black version can capture 240fps at high definition video at 240fps, which only come handy at the price of $500 (2014).

Throughout the video recording, the Hero4 was placed very near to the fire crackers, in the water proof housing (in order to protect the Hero4 lens it from the fire cracker explosion). However, due to Hero4 is lack of manual control, the video is not well focused.

Anyway, the main purpose is to test on the 240fps video. Lets look at the result below.

If you do aware, there is a new feature called Flux™ starting in GoPro Studio 2.5 onward. By enabling this in Step 2 (inside GoPro Studio), you are enabling a ultra smooth slow-motion video. This Flux algorithm run analysis on the video by frame to frame, then it create and insert new frame into your video, so that it looks smooth when you playback.

However, this Flux feature isn’t suitable for complex background or subject that moved quickly across the frame. The newly create frame will not look 100% match into your video. Here is the clip with Flux enabled.

If you watch closely on video playback above, you will noticed some scene will looks weird and not the subject or background was distorted seriously. These were the results when the GoPro Studio Flux algorithm render a fast moving scene. However, when you apply this feature on a clean background, the result will looks cool and amazing. Do remember GoPro Studio is a free software and the rendering result is amazing when you use it properly. There is nothing much we could complaint about.

GoPro Studio 2.5 Flux Rendering

GoPro Studio Flux Rendering

Poor rendering from GoPro Studio 2.5 Flux effect.

Here are some tips for you to get a better result when enabling the Flux algorithm:

  • Try to apply it over a shorter section of your video clip. Beside avoid high number of frame created, it will also shorten the export time required,
  • Again, use it over a clean background,
  • Use higher frame rate per seconds (at least 60fps or higher) and then lower its speed down to 10% or lower. This will greatly enhance your viewing experience and make the slow motion scene even amazing.

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