Mi3 Unboxing – Malaysia Version


XiaoMi Mi 3 Malaysia Edition Open Box and First Impression


XiaoMi Mi3 official launching of Malaysia version. There is a special Malaysia theme for the phone which you can download.

Since many of my friends are so excited about the official launch of XiaoMi Mi 3 in Malaysia. I decided to share my open box experience.

This was the first official launching of the XiaoMi smart phone in Malaysia, on 20th May 2014 (Tuesday), 12pm (no0n). The only available 4,000 units were sold out immediately after 17 minutes of launching.

xiaomi 17 min

Picture from XiaoMi Malaysia Facebook stated that all 4,000 units were sold out after 17 minutes of launching.

I need to admit I am one of the lucky persons who manage to get it at last minute.
Based on the mi.com/my record, I placed order on 12:14:16 pm and done the payment on 12:16:16 pm.
Few seconds before it was sold out, funny right =)

xiaomi purchase record and tracking

XiaoMi purchase tracking and record at mi.com/my

XiaoMi used Fedex to ship over the phone from ShenZhen, China to Malaysia. Some of my friends said it was manufactured by Foxconn (located in ShenZhen), which is also the manufacturer for Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

Fedex tracking record.

The phone was shipped from ShenZhen, China based on the Fedex tracking record.

Fedex parcel

The parcel from Fedex.


Side views

all in the box

In items inside the box, power supply unit, micro SIM card adapter, purchase receipt and the phone in packing.

Phone with SIRIM sticker.

The phone packaging, comes with SIRIM sticker.

XiaoMi Mi3 in packaging.

Simple packaging design with the first look at the phone.

close up view

Close up view of the Mi3, headphone slot, SIM card slot, camera, camera flash and USB interface.

Mi3 phone thickness

The thickness of the phone is about 4 Malaysia 50 sen coins

user manual, USB cable and power supply unit.

The user manual, USB cable and the 5V 1A power supply.

power supply unit.

5V 1A output power supply which can fit into Malaysia standard AC socket.

The good news about this phone is it accept standard size SIM card. The SIM card holder comes by default inside the phone.

Standard SIM card holder

Standard SIM card size holder.

In addition, the package also comes with the micro-SIM card adapter.

Micro SIM card adaptor

Micro SIM card adaptor

SIM card adapter removal pin

SIM card adapter removal pin was attached on the user manual container.

Quick sample photos from the Mi3 phone. Although the phone camera can support up to 13MP (4208×3120 pixels), by default the phone only set to Standard resolution of 10MP, which is 4208 x 2368 pixels.

Durian in Penang

Yes, it is durian sesson now in Penang.

Small durian.

Small durian, click on image to view full resolution.

Panorama with Mi3

Panorama with Mi3 at Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

After some editing:

Mi3 Panorama

Panorama with Mi3 at Cameron Highland – after edit.

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